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Karl-Heinz Herrmann

Updated: 2002-06-25

Karl-Heinz is a member of The Answer Gang.

picture I'm a physicist working on computer models and simulations. Right now I'm staying for one year as visiting scientist in a research center in India close to Chennai (Madras).

I started out with Linux as it made the leap to 2.0.0 and have been running my home PC under Linux since then. The more recent Laptop also runs under Linux. With computers I started out in 9th form when they got Commodore PET 4040 boxes in school. Picked up a Ti99/4a after some time and did some assembler on that one (nice 16bit command set and relocateable registers) since it was so damn slow in basic. At university I finally got my fingers on a SUN ELC worksation and tried to stay with unix systems afterwards.