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Mirroring LG

Last updated Thu Nov 13 06:34:06 EST 2003
This page maintained by Benjamin Okopnik

Q: What do I need to do to become an LG mirror maintainer?

A: Step 1. Fill in the form just below, and send it to us at mirrors@linuxgazette.net. This will result in your site being listed as a Linux Gazette mirror site on our "Mirrors" page, and your name and email address being added to our (very low-traffic) "lg-mirrors" mailing list, where we can notify you of any changes that affect content retrieval and other mirror-relevant issues.

Language: Country: HTTP mirror: FTP mirror: Maintainer's name: Maintainer's email: Comments:

Step 2. Set up your monthly retrieval process. Our standard retrieval method is via rsync; if there's enough demand, we'll set up FTP as well. Please set up your retrieval script as follows:

(For all of the following examples, HTTP_ROOT and FTP_ROOT are the directories containing the appropriate files. Note that our site's FTP_ROOT is a subdirectory immediately under HTTP_ROOT, and fetching the "lg_all" target will reflect that.)

# Set the transport method to SSH; this needs to be done for any of the # following methods! RSYNC_RSH=/usr/bin/ssh export RSYNC_RSH # If you want the entire Linux Gazette archive: rsync -az linuxgazette.net::lg-all /HTTP_ROOT # If you only want the HTTP files: rsync -az --exclude /ftpfiles/ linuxgazette.net::lg-all /HTTP_ROOT # If you only want the FTP files: rsync -az linuxgazette.net::lg-ftp /FTP_ROOT

Step 3. (optional) If you wish to be notified whenever the new issue of LG comes out, send an email to lg-announce-request@linuxgazette.net.

In case of any further questions, please contact the LG Mirrors and Translations maintainer. If enough people ask the same question enough times, it'll end up in this FAQ - and you can have the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that you've contributed to making life simpler for anyone who reads it from then on. :)

Last but definitely not least - thank you for participating in LG! By mirroring us, you're making the content more easily available to the people in your country/area/location, and letting more readers have "just a little more fun" with Linux. You have our thanks... and the thanks of all those who trade in the basic coin of Open Source - respect.

Welcome aboard.