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Issue 13 was the first Answer Guy column.

Issue #46 October 1999

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)Two Network Cards --or--
Routing Revisited
("helpless" in TAG #44))
(?)TCPMUX on Linux --or--
TCPMux Revisited: You'll need a Daemon for it, or a Better inetd
(?)The Mac, Linux, perl, Apache & server --or--
A Staging Server
(?)Another "respawning" question --or--
Id "x" respawning too fast: Murdered Mysteriously
(?)2gig max file size? --or--
Large File Support Under Linux/x86
(?) --or--
From the Dim History: EQL Revisited
Bandwidth Load Sharing w/o ISP Support
(?)Modem blues.. --or--
High School Modem
(?)your web --or--
Who is Jim Dennis?
(?)redirection of stdin-stdout --or--
Programming Question about Regaining stdin/stdout
(?)outgoing email using Netscape --or--
Outgoing Mail Problems
(?)How to add fonts to Linux --or--
Adding Fonts

Issue #45 September 1999

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)Linux to NT PPP Connection Over Null Modem
(?)Printing --or--
Printing to old "Pin Printer"
(?)Internet Access Control --or--
Limiting Internet Access through Cable Modems
(?)unix question --or--
Quotas on a Sublet Web Server?
(?)Mars NWE --or--
MarS NWE: HOWTO and Docs in English?
(?)java curses library and jxterm? --or--
Old Question Revisited: Java Curses Support
(?)RH6 Virtual Email - POP3 problem --or--
Virtual E-mail Domains
(?)Setting up Windows and Linux --or--
Dual Booting without Re-Partitioning
(?)LINUX File System Standard. --or--
/bin vs /sbin and the FHS Revisited
(?)How to Print 2 pages on 1 sheet --or--
Saving Trees: Laying up Multiple Pages per Printer Sheet
(?)Telnet trouble --or--
More "Can't Telnet Around My LAN" Problems
(?)Getting on the Internet --or--
Getting Access to the Internet
(?)Cash In On ... Spam!

Issue #44 August 1999

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)Linux and Windows 95 --or--
Running Win '95 Apps under Linux
(?)PPP disconnect --or--
PPP + minicom Disconnects
WvDial Success
(?)Linux Partition conflicting with Win98 --or--
Makes Windows Explorer Choke
More complex than that, really.
(?) ftpacess and the Incoming Conundrum
(?)IP forwarding and Linux
Turning it off.
(?)IP forward --or--
TCP/IP Port Relaying
(?)This month's "paltry" offerings --or--
(?)can't help it --or--
Spellcheck Award!
(?)ppp & voicemail
(?)Unsupported Floppy Formats: 'dd' Maybe
(?)minicom --or--
Minicom Calling a Procomm Host
(?)AHA 2940 SCSI timeout errors --or--
was: Plug and Pray SCAM
(?)AHA 2940 SCSI timeout errors --or--
More on: SCSI Resets Due to Command Timeouts
(?)AHA 2940 SCSI timeout errors --or--
SCSI Resets Due to Command Timeouts
(?)Desqview/Linux --or--
Assembly Language Programming for an old DESQview User
(?)DESQView 386 --or--
DESQview/386 Die Hards into the Next Millennia
(?)cdr's --or--
CDR Media: Silver and Gold and Blue, Oh my!
(?)get to know --or--
Downloading a copy of Linux
(?)quick swap Q --or--
And from Radioland....
(?)video timings needed --or--
Video Timings: Configuration Curse
(?)Help ! --or--
Accessing Private Net Addresses from the Public Internet
(?)Linux gazette article, July 1999
(?)Dao --or--
(?)linux memory --or--
Free Memory vs. Buffers
(?)Copying boot partitiion
(?)I am a begining Linux user, PLEASE Help! --or--
SiS 6326 and XFree86
(?)ide-cd module --or--
Reading CD Discs on an IDE CDR Drive
(?) LILO problem.. again --or--
Persistent LILO: Won't Start! Won't Go Away!
(?)Question --or--
The Lost Art of Helper Apps
(?)finding Changelogs --or--
Kernel Patches and Change Logs
(?)Installing Win NT 4.0 Workstation and Dual booting Win NT 4.0 Workstation and Win 95 B
(?)pc-mos --or--
5 1/4" Floppies: Truly Dead
(?)Hdd track 0 bad. --or--
How to Use a Disk with a Bad Track 0
(?)DosLinux --or--
What part of "Win Modem" Didn't you Understand?
(?)128M Ram question --or--
Seeing only 13M of RAM
(?)A Fair price for CD duplication --or--
CD Duplication Services: Spam?
(?)Proxy server --or--
Proxy Program?

Issue #43 July 1999

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)Hey answer guy!!!
(?)One more thing. --or--
Null Modems: Connecting MS-DOS to Linux as a Serial Terminal
(?)RedHat 5.2 Kernel 2.0.36 --or--
Upgrade Breaks Several Programs, /proc Problems, BogoMIPS Discrepancies
A visit to "Library Hell"
(?)Floppy/mount Problems: Disk Spins, Lights are on, No one's Home? --or--
Floppy Failure: mdir Works; mount Fails
Found the culprit!
(?)need your help --or--
Incompetance in Parenting
(?)bad clusters --or--
Try Linux ... and Grammar
(?)Duplicating / --or--
Out of Space....or Inodes? All Sparsity Lost?
(?)RAID 1 solutions --or--
Arco Duplidisk: Disk Mirroring
(?)Modem Help --or--
Searching for Days for a Linux Modem: The Daze Continues

Issue #42 June 1999

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)Setting up a Loopback Mount --or--
Loopback (localhost) NFS Mounting for FTP
(?)sites for general disk info? --or--
General HD Info and Boot Code
(?)TCP Sockets --or--
SYN, SYN/ACK, ACK, ACK, ACK: TCP Handshaking "Pleased to meet you!"
(?)cvs tree for pam --or--
PAM chroot Wherein Jim rants about PAM
(?)Resizing partitions --or--
Filesystem Management: What must be "resident" at all times?
(?)Hubs --or--
Ethernet Switches vs. Hubs
(?)procmail and saved variables. --or--
MATCH and Replaceable Parameters in procmail
(?)RMA for Video Card
(?)Unix Internal --or--
Inodes Numbering: An Academic Question
(?)One Bad Sector thats gettin on my nerves! --or--
One Bad Sector It Doesn't Ruin the Whole Disk
(?)Server shutdown/restart: 2-key keyboard --or--
Server Shutdown Button
(?)hal91 --or--
HAL91 (Floppy Based Linux Distribution)
(?)ping at a differnt port --or--
Ping a Port: NOT
(?)Hey answer guy!!! --or--
Linux as a Job! Hobbies become fun and profit
(?)New Kernel Loses Ether Driver; Dial on Demand and Masquerading
A grabbag of user questions.
(?)pcmcia install on debian
(?)work-around for gdi printer? --or--
WinPrinter Work-around
(?)Question about 2 GB max? --or--
Maximum Filesize vs. Maximum Filesystem Size
(?)Advanced ipfwadm question. icmp forwarding. --or--
ICMP Masquerading
(?)RedHat 5.2 Kernel 2.0.36 --or--
Upgrade Breaks Several Programs, /proc Problems, BogoMIPS Discrepancies
A visit to "Library Hell"
(?)Pls spare a minute: --or--
Spare a Minute to Provide "Some Info"
(?)HELP!!!!!!!!!! --or--
Data "Losted" (sic)
(?)"Network Neighborhood" --or--
Network Neighborhood: Heterogenous File Sharing

Issue #41 May 1999

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)Here's a shell scripting question for you. --or--
How to Make a Shell Script "Unbreakable"
(?)Best Place to "Download Linux"
(?)How to Build Own Linux Distribution ? --or--
Building a Personal Distribution: Take II
(?)"core" files appearing here and there --or--
Dealing with "core" files
(?)Xterm and "Log to file" --or--
Flexible Logging of Terminal Output to Files: Use 'screen'
(?)file timestamp off Got it !

Issue #40 Mid-April 1999

The Mid-April extra issue did not contain an Answer Guy column.

Issue #39 April 1999

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)a small question --or--
Using a 286 as a Serial Terminal
(?)What's wrong with internal modems?
(?)Error starting recompiling process?
(?)How Can I Delete? --or--
Deleting Files and UNIX Permissions
(?)No rule to make target 'config' --or--
Recompiling Kernel to Support CD-ROM
(?)Fvwm95-Wharf --or--
fvwm95-Wharf: xterm comes out black?
(!)Another "No Login" Problem: A little tip
(?)Multilink PPP using Linux --or--
Modem Multi-link PPP: EQL
(?)New Linux Distribution --or--
How to Create a New Linux Distribution: Why?
(?)login source code --or--
Seeing Stars During Login
(?)Personal LAN setup... --or--
Setting up a Personal/Home LAN
(?)Good morning!!! --or--
Essay Quiz
(?)diald dials every hour... --or--
Overactive diald
(?)Modem Problem --or--
Another Lost Soul
(?)Plee for help
(?)security issue, /etc/passwd --or--
Secure Shutdown from the Console
(?)Linux and Y2K
(?)Your approach to Y2K problem --or--
Y2K Cause Arithmetic Failures?

Issue #38 March 1999

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)hmm. --or--
FTP Only Access: Trickier than it Seems
(?)Why can I only login as root? --or--
Another "No Login" Problem
(!) A Reader Answers: What is the TCP/IP SACK feature?
(?) Unable to Open Console: After "Custom" Install
(?) "Integrating" Linux/sendmail with MS Exchange
(?)Win 95 computer/NT server environment --or--
Shell Scripting: Getting Host and User Names
(?)Bad Sectors in my HDD --or--
More on: Bad Sectors
(?)Please upgrade your Internet Explorer --or--
The Presumption!
(?)linux --or--
Mysterious Message: Subject: Linux
(?)Diamond Multimedia Modems --or--
Reader Comments: Diamond WinModems:
(?)About a OPL-3 ( Yamaha driver for sound) (sorry for bad english...) --or--
OPL-3 Sound Drivers
(?)Question from an old friend.
(?)[Q]: Winmodem under Linux
(?)how to fix a bad cluster on hd --or--
More Bad Clusters
(?)proxy & router combination --or--
Proxying over PPP
(?)help with partitions --or--
Installing on a Big Drive: More on the 1023 Cylinder Limit
(?)Linux 5.2 Loadlin.exe, where do I get it? --or--
Finding LOADLIN.EXE ... and Linux Loader for Win '9x
(?)help with partitions --or--
Partitioning Mini-HOWTO
(!)True modems
(?)Is it possible to run Debian on 4 MB? --or--
Low Memory Installation
(?)win95->wingate ; linux->? --or--
Drop-in Replacement for "WinGate"
(?)Jim Dennis: Re: Gimp on RH5.1
(?)xntpd --or--
How 'ntpdate' finds IP addresses?
(?)Great Job !!! --or--
Linux as a Loghost (Syslog Server)
(?)Telnetd and pausing

Issue #37 February 1999

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)serial port settings --or--
Another Damn WinModem
(?)Simplified Security? --or--
Simple Security Tips
(?)eterm quickie + general commment (linux SUPERGRAN)
(?)nr_files and nr_inodes --or--
Max Open Files and Inodes: Use The Entries under /proc
(?)setting up an ISP to serve email
(?)Getting my new linux box to run the ftp server
(?)setting up an ISP to serve email --or--
Setting up ISP Mail Services
(?)[Fwd: rsh on 2.0.34] --or--
More on: 'rsh' as 'root' Denied
(?)procmail --or--
'procmail' to Get Mail via POP-3? No. 'fetchmail'
(?)Linux Diagnostic Tool --or--
Hardware Info Under Linux: MSD.EXE Clone?
(?)X terminals via serial links? --or--
X Windows Over a Serial Line (Null Modem)
(?)copy of Microsoft Office --or--
Free Copy of MS Office for Linux? It isn't April Yet!
(?)diald modem settings E71 --or--
Using "odd" modem settings
(?)Further answers to questions? --or--
Sometimes Short of the Question
(?)Steven Hancock: ps to gif --or--
More on: Automated PostScript (ps) to GIF Conversion
(?)"Routing and Subnetting 101" Linux Gazzette 1/1/99 --or--
Re: Routing and Subnetting for Classes
(?)Partitioning my new Linux box... --or--
Disk Partitioning: Review
(?)Curious modem hangup... --or--
PPP Disconnects
(?)ifconfig reports TX errors on v2.1.x kernels --or--
'ifconfig': TX errors
(?)System clock is too fast... --or--
Ahh ... The Toils of Time
(?)you are the man --or--
The Complaint Department: Typos and Grammatical Errors
(?)modem disconnect problem?
(?)modem problems under linux --or--
X Prevents/Kills Modem Connection
(?)I want my 10 GIGS!!! --or--
Ultra-DMA and the 8.4Gb IDE Disk Limit
(?)LTT submission
(?)Is it possible to run Debian on 4 MB? --or--
Low Memory Installation
(?)Better resolution (laptop LCD) --or--
Higher Resolution X on a Laptop
(?)Low Level Formatting
(?)Bad Sectors in my HDD --or--
Removing Bad Sectors
(?)Help --or--
Netscape Communicator: "Improper DNS Type"?
(?)Communicator and PGP on Linux --or--
NS Communicator (Mail) and PGP
(?)Uh, where'd my "man" go? --or--
'fsck' Breaks 'man' Pages?
(?)Custom Install --or--
Unable to Open Console: After "Custom" Install
(?)Securing a modem dial-out line.
(?)Why can I only login as root? --or--
Another "No Login" Problem
(?)I used gzip in bad way... help! --or--
Accidental Deletion
(?)TCP patch for SACK? (RFC 2018) --or--
TCP/IP SACK Support: When? Now!

Issue #36 January 1999

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)Routing and Subnetting 101
(?)No STREAMS Error while Installing Netware for Linux
(?)More than 8 loopfs Mounts?
(?)eql dual line ppp --or--
EQL Serial Line "Load Balancing"
(?)who to report gcc bug to? --or--
Where to Report Bugs and Send Patches
(?)RedHat Linux (5.1) and Brand X --or--
How to "get into" an Linux system from a Microsoft client
(?)Linux File System recommendations --or--
Where to Put New and Supplemental Packages
(?)Your book --or--
Book: Linux Systems Administration
(?)FTP Site... --or--
'ls' Doesn't work for FTP Site
(?)very general process question --or--
An Anthropologist Asks About the Linux "Process"
(?)Locating AV Research --or--
Looking for a Hardware Vendor: In all the Wrong Places
(?)question for answerguy --or--
Letting Those Transfers Run Unattended
(?)where can i find information about LOFS, TFS --or--
Translucent, Overlay, Loop, and Union Filesystems
(?)Modem dial out
(?)PAM & chroot (fwd) --or--
'chroot()' Jails or Cardboard Boxes
(?)The Linux Swap File --or--
Swap file on a RAM Disk
(?)RedHat Linux (5.1) and Brand X --or--
How to "get into" an Linux system from a Microsoft client
(?)Dynamic IP Address Publishing Hack
(?)Why 40-second delay in sending mail to SMTP server?
(?)how to install two ethernet cards for proxy server for red hat linux --or--
Linux as Router and Proxy Server: HOWTO?
(?)ey answer guy! answer this! --or--
PostScript to GIF
(?)More on: "Remote Login as root"
(?)Thank You --or--
(?)Question --or--
Linux Support for Intel Pentium II Xeon CPU's and Chipsets
(?)isp --or--
Linux Friendly ISP's: SF Bay Area
(?)Hello I need some help --or--
Eight Character login Name Limit
(?)Locked Out of His Mailserver
(?)Changing the color depth for your x-server? --or--
Changing the X Server's Default Color Depth
(?)Num Lock and X apps --or--
NumLock and X Problems
(?)NE2000 "clones" --- not "cloney" enough! --or--
Expansion on NE-2000 Cards: Some PCI models "okay"
(?)MySql --or--
Finding info on MySqL?
(?)read please very important --or--
Spying: (AOL Instant Messenger or ICQ): No Joy!
(?)Tuning monitors for use with X --or--
Fraser Valley LUG's Monitor DB
(?)chattr =u and then what? --or--
ext2fs "Undeletable" Attribute
(?)How to Install Linux on an RS6000?
(?)Real PS Printing --or--
Advanced Printer Support: 800x600 dpi + 11x17" Paper
(?)TAG suggestions
(?)password change --or--
CGI Driven Password Changes
(?)ifconfig reports TX errors on v2.1.x kernels
(?)Trident 9685 tv --or--
Support for Trident Video/Television Adapter
(?)Looking for info on BIOS setup --or--
Plug and Pray Problems
(?)Mount linux drives from win9x/nt? password encryption seems to be a problem... --or--
Sharing/Exporting Linux Directories to Windows '9x/NT
(?)Mail processing
(?)Printing question --or--
Extra Formfeed from Windows '95
(?)Root password --or--
Can't Login in as Root
(?)Alternate root-password recovery option --or--
Alternative Method for Recovering from Root Password Loss
(?)Journal File Support and Tarantella? --or--
SCOldies Bragging Rights
(?)Remote tape access, using local CPU --or--
Application Direct Access to Remote Tape Drive
(?)Mounting CD Drives from SoundCard --or--
Mounting multiple CD's
(?)Re: leafnode-1.7 -- news server for small sites --or--
More on Multi-Feed Netnews (leafnode)
(?)rsh config --or--
Getting 'rsh' to work
(?)update on your answer - netware clients --or--
Linux as a Netware Client
(?)LILO Default
(?)uninstall help --or--
Uninstalling Linux
(?)Compiling kernel --or--
Making a Kernel Requires 'make'
(?)memory usage --or--
Using only 64Mb out of 128Mb Available
(?)Manipulating Clusters on a Floppy ...
(?)Setting up ircd
(?)Sendmail on private net with UUCP link to Internet
(?)Linux in general --or--
Complaint Department:
(?)A Dual Modem configuration... how do I get it to work? --or--
eql Not Working
(?)routing without of any outer routers knowing me as I am a router.. --or--
(?)HELP: fetchmail dies after RH 5.2 upgrade --or--
Upgrade Kills Name Server
(?)Question (what else?) --or--
MS Applications Support For Linux
(?)Linux as a Home Internet Gateway and Server
(?)lilo --or--
Persistent Boot Sector
(?)preference=20 --or--
Secondary MX Records: How and Why
(?)LPD forks and hangs/Linux --or--
'lpd' Bug: "restricted service" option; Hangs Printer Daemon
(?)Dual booting NT or Win9x with Linux (Red Hat 5.2) --or--
Dual Boot Configurations
(?)Can you give me a Suggestion?/ --or--
Microtek Scanner Support: Alejandro's Tale
(?)Offer to make available Winmodem interface spec --or--
Modem HOWTO Author Gets Offer RE: WinModems
(?)I do know i am boring (ma windows fa veramente cagare) --or--
Condolences to Another Victim of the "LoseModem" Conspiracy
(?)Kai Makisara: Re: audio-DAT on SCSI streamer? --or--
More on: Reading Audio Tapes using HP-DAT Drive
(?)Just a sugestion... --or--
Best of Answer Guy: A Volunteer?
(?)more on keybindings --or--
termcap/terminfo Oddities to Remotely Run SCO App
(?)Arabic? --or--
Arabic BiDi Support for Linux
(?)Updates: Risks and rewards --or--
Automated Updates
(?)Liam Greenwood: Your XDM question
(?)rsh on 2.0.34 --or--
'rsh' as 'root' Denied

Issue #35 December 1998

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)office server --or--
Linux as a File/Print Server for Window and DOS boxes: Of course!
(?)Suggestions for Linux Users with Ultra Large Disks
(?)Linux question - "out of the Blue" --or--
Listing "Just the Links": It's the only way, Luke
(!)Yamaha OPL3-SA --or--
More on Linux Kernels Sound Support: Alan Cox Responds
(?)X and virtual terms --or--
Some Magic Keys for the Linux Console
(?)Keyboard Problem --or--
No Echo During Password Entry
(?)FTP Login as 'root' --- Don't!
(?)sendmail problem --or--
'sendmail' on a Private/Disconnected Network
(?)Question about networking with NetWare --or--
Needs to Login to Netware
(?)FS Security using Linux --or--
Crypto Support for Linux
(?)relaying still not correct ...
(?)The state of UNIX in 1998
(?)A newbie question --or--
How Many Ways Can I Boot Thee: Let Me Count Them
(?)Windows file systems across a linux box --or--
Programmer Fights with Subnets
(?)Finding IP address with a script --or--
Using A Dynamically Assigned Address from PPP Startup Script
(?)Setting up Linux to serve CD images through loopback --or--
More than 8 loopfs Mounts?
(?)SV: PPP-question. --or--
Where to find Multi-Router Traffic Grabber
(?)Support for the Microtek SlimScan Parallel Port Scanner
(?)RedHat 5.1 and rpms --or--
RPM Dependencies: HOW?
(?)modutils question
(?)libc5 and libc6
(?)Linux on Dell Systems
(?)How can I find this out? --or--
Remote Login as 'root'

Issue #34 November 1998

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)dual /boot partitions --or--
Automated Recovery from System Failures
(?)e-mail quotas --or--
Quotas for Outgoing e-mail
(?)Booting and partitions --or--
Suggestions for Linux Users with Ultra Large Disks
(?)French loadkeys --or--
More on International Keyboard Mappings and Monochrome X
(?)Digi C/X Host W/ C/Con 16 --or--
Linux Support for the DigiBoard C/X Intelligent Serial Ports
(?)Shell File!!!!! --or--
All that Vaunted Support for those Windows Users
(?)apache server --or--
Executing "Normal HTML" Files with Apache
(?)Keeping my RH5.0 system up to date --or--
Updates: Risks and Rewards
(?)Ether Troubles --or--
NE2000 "clones" --- not "cloney" enough!
(?)"Good Times"-email is it a virus? --or--
The Infection and the Cure: (Good Times as a Virus)
(?)... Redhat 4.2/Motif, problem discovered. --or--
Conflict: Num-Lock, X Window Managers, and pppd
(?)Re Script
(?)Here's a doozy --or--
Telnet/xterm: Log to file
(?)RE how to find out the serial connect speed of a modem
(?)HELP!! --or--
Finding Soundcard Support
(?)Problems with backup --or--
Problems with a SCSI Tape Drive
(?)Is there a testsuite for glibc v2.0.x? --or--
Test Suites for GNU and other Open Source (TM) Software
(?)nt 4.0 ras dialin problem --or--
Another Non-Linux Question
(?)Macro Virus?
(?)xdm --or--
Remote X using xdm

Issue #33 October 1998

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)AutoCAD for Linux? Not Yet. Sorry.
(?)fd0 --or--
Floppy/mount Problems: Disk Spins, Lights are on, No one's Home?
(?)SCSI drive installation --or--
Partition your HD before you try to use it.
(?)Supressing cc: lines in Emacs' Mail replies
(?)chroot, twist, and other rescue-boot fun --or--
"Virtual Hosting" inetd based services using TCP Wrappers
(?)Linux/Samba as a Primary Domain Controller
(?)ip masquerading --or--
IP and Sendmail Masquerading over a Cablemodem
(?)tty help --or--
Psuedo tty Becomes Unusable
(?)connect script failed --or--
O.K. It's not a Winmodem
(?)[linuxprog] more shuffling experiments --or--
Shuffling Lines in a File
(?)Conditional Execution Based on Host Availability
(?)Desqview --or--
Buying DESQview and/or DESQview/X
(?)Thanks for the pointer to uuencode sources.
(?)Download a Catch 22? --or--
Chicken and Egg (Catch-22) for Linux Download/Install
(?)Important typo in Anti-Windows emulator rant --or--
Will the "Real" freshmeat Please Get Bookmarked?

Issue #32 September 1998

(!)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)ISP Abandons User in Move to NT
(?)Driving Terminals w/Java --or--
Java Telnet/Terminal
(?)Finding BBS Software for Linux
(?)The Five Flaws of the Unix System
(?)XFree86 Installation in DOSLinux
(?)resume on AS/400 --or--
Resume Spam
(?)Linux Port of SoftWindows
(?)Connecting Linux to Win '95 via Null Modem --or--
A Convert!
(?)MS FrontPage for Linux/Apache
(?)Virtual System Emulator for Linux and Why NOT to Use Them
(?)FoxPlus for Linux ?
(?)More on Distribution Preferences
(?)IP Masquerading/Proxy?
(?)PPP --or--
The "Difficulty" is in Disabling the Services
(?)How to read DVI files?
(?)Bad Super-block on Filesystem
(?)Mulitiple processes sharing one serial port --or--
Multiplexing the Computer -- ISDN Modem Connection
(?)Permission to Set up a Linux Server
(?)Detaching and Re-attaching to Interactive Background Processes
(?)[announce] Cdrdao 1.0 - Disc-at-once writing of audio CD-Rs
(?)High Speed Serial (RS422) under Linux
(?)ANOTHER MODEM PROB Plus, More on Grammar
(?)/usr/bin/open command not found
(?)Tuning X to work with your Monitor
(?)The last Linux C library version 5, 5.4.46, is released. --or--
The End of libc5: A Mini-Interview with H.J Lu
(?)Linux System Administration. --or--
Where to put 'insmod' and 'modprobe' Commands for Start-up
(?)The BIOS Clock, Y2K, Linux and Everything
(?)Online Status Detector --or--
Failover and High Availability for Web Servers : Conditional Execution Based on Host Availability
(?)SysAdmin: User Administration: Disabling Accounts
(?)Thank you --or--
Articles on LILO Saves Life?
(?)Netware NDS Client --or--
NDS (Netware Directory Services) for Linux: Clients and Servers
(?)More 'Win '95 Hesitates After Box Has Run Linux?'
(?)Bad Clusters on Hard Drive --or--
Another Non-Linux Question!
(?)Help with C/C++ Environment Program --or--
Integrated Programming Environments for Linux
(?)Web Server Clustering Project
(?)wu-ftpd guest account on a Linux Box --or--
WU-FTP guestgroup problems

Issue #31 August 1998

(?)Greetings From Jim Dennis

(?)Remote Backups (Yet Again) --or--
Remote Backups: GNU 'tar' through 'rsh'
(?)Assigning UID/GID --or--
UID/GID Synchronization and Management
(?)Assigning UID/GID
(?)How to check your modems connect speed?
(?)win95 slowdown --or--
Win '95 Hesitates After Box Has Run Linux?
(?) win95 slowdown
(?)Bad Cluster
(?)XFree86 on Trident Providia 9685
(?)redhat linux 5.0 and reveal sc400 rev a sound card --or--
Reveal SC400 Sound Card: OSS/Linux and OSS/Free Supported?
(?)Kernel Overview needed....
(?)Printing Solaris -> Linux --or--
Remote lpd Solaris to Linux
(?)Lilo not working on SCSI when IDE drives installed
(?)Yggdrasil: A Breath of Life for the Root of the Linux Distributions? ...and what about OpenLinux Base?
(?)115K Baud from a Modem: In your dreams!
(?)Linux NDS --or--
Linux as a Netware Directory Srvices Printer Client?
(?)What is an RPM?
(?)Stupid question --or--
AnswerGUY? Who is Heather?
(?)'sendmail' requires DNS ... won't use /etc/hosts
(?)Question on Memory Leak --or--
Memory Leaks and the OS that Allows Them
(?)X Window with two monitors...
(?)DAO software for linux?

Issue #30 July 1998

(!)Greetings from Jim Dennis

(?) Linux and SCO Keymap --or--
SCO Compatible Console Keymaps?
(?) linux kernel security --or--
Breakin' Out of the chroot() Jail adding "disabilities" to Linux
(?)Dosemu and virtual terminals? --or--
Clipper/xBase Capacity Problems --- DOSemu as a Solution? "I don't think so."
(?) NT Domain and Linux --or--
Linux as a "Domain Controller" for a WinNT Domain? Not Yet! Linux use of an NT PDC/BDC for authentication?
(?) DAO software for linux? --or--
"DAO" (Disk at Once) CDR? Stump Me!
(?)tn3270 security
(?)readdress COM port to 3 or 4
(?) Lilo won't boot --or--
Installed on a Secondary SCSI HD: Lilo Stops at LI
(?)help on unix --or--
Running Unix/Linux Under Win '9x
(?)winprinters & MTAs: Pointers and Corrections
(?) FoxPlus for Linux? --or--
Dreaming about xBase tools for Linux
(?)auto response for email ?
(?)Connecting Linux to Win '95 via Null Modem
(?) PC lockups --or--
Hardware Lockups due to Graphics Load
(?) gzip from C program --or--
Compression Libraries to Link into a C Program
(?)please, advice about Linux and C500 --or--
Linux PPC on the Umax C500 SuperMac: Not A Good Idea
(?)printing Solaris->Linux --or--
Remote lpd from Solaris to Linux
(?) Help Wanted --or--
User Shell on Virtual Console 1
(?) Memory deallocation problems --or--
Linux Memory Usage vs. Leakage
(?)tv cards and dual monitor

Issue #29 June 1998

(!)Greetings from Jim Dennis

(?)Version-a-go-go and the Tragedy of being "Left Behind"
(?)Removing Lilo from a multi-boot machine
(?)Question on sendmail... --or--
'sendmail' FEATURE creatures for virtual domain and generic re-write tables
(?)Kernel crashes
(?)Winmodems --or--
More on 'WinModems': How to "lose" Gracefully - Just say No!
(?)Mail on a LAN Linux to NT --or--
Basic e-mail Setup for Linux?
(?)Remote Tape Backups
(?)Letter to Dell - Linux on Dell Hardware
(?)Hello --or--
Connecting a Dumb Terminal to your Linux System
(?)Why Linux?
(?)Redhat telnet
(?)Network Cards
(?)A little note about "good times" or emailed viruses --or--
"Good Times" are Spread to the "Great Unwashed"
(?)The Answer Guy --or--
Regarding the Column's New Look
(?)TACACS+ client for Linux --or--
TACACS and RADIUS Authentication Models for Linux and/or PAM
(?)Sendmail jam --or--
'sendmail' Log Jams and Capacity Problems: running extra 'sendmail -q' processes
(?)PPP connection and diald --or--
Co-ordinating diald and Manual PPP
(?)getting ppp-2.3.3 to work
(?)Mail access --or--
Getting at MS-Mail from within Linux: The Myriad Ways to Co-exist with MS Windows
(?)Program for Mailer Daemons --or--
Automated Handling for MAILER-DAEMON Messages: Read The Sources, Luke.

Issue #28 May 1998

(!)Greetings from Jim Dennis

(?) Problems with SCSI-CDROM and Audio CDs --or--
Sinister 'xmcd' Permanently Disables Right Speaker Channel
(?)Email Alpha-Paging software
(?)xdm in 16bpp Mode
(?)Bad cluster in HDD
(?)Complex network and NetBIOS
(?) Lets vote for Linus --or--
Some Thoughts on "The Man of the Century"
(?) How do I setup gateway server? --or--
Linux as a General Purpose SOHO to Internet Gateway
(?) Linux.bat -or--
LOADLIN.EXE, Plug & "Pray" and "Win(Lose)Modems"
(?)'sendmail' Masquerading: What and Why
(?)Tools for converting X output to java
(?) Fwd: Please Be Careful --or--
"Good Times" Are Here Again? NOT!
(?) LinuxGazette Mar 1998: xdm Login doesn't!

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